AO Smith Contractor Rewards


How Does A.O Smith Contractor Rewards Program Work?
You can go online at to sign up for the program, check your point balances, enter codes from purchased products and shop/redeem your points. It is easy and rewarding.

When you purchase an A.O. Smith water heater you will notice a uniquely coded bright yellow label on all A.O. Smith water heaters located near the T&P Valve (Temperature and Pressure Valve).  All you need to do is peel off the label and enters the code online at to receive credit…it’s that easy!

In order to build a point balance and claim rewards, you will need to provide basic information about your business, including the type of work you do and the number of jobs you handle per year.

Which A.O. Smith products are in the Contractor Rewards Program?
You can earn points by purchasing most A.O. Smith water heaters, such as residential and commercial, gas, electric and tankless products. More detail can be found on the Contractor Rewards website at, or by calling your J&H Aitcheson sales representative.

How Do I Join Contractor Rewards?
Registration is simple!  You can either visit and complete the short enrollment process or call us and have us assist you! Additionally, you can enroll by phone by calling 1-877-286-7064.  It’s that easy!